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Whether your goal is to expand your talent pool, tap into more economical talent populations or penetrate new markets, it’s vital to understand the nuances of operating in each country your company is considering.

We’ll shed light on the opportunities and risks of expanding your operations into each country around the world.

Our Team



Pierce holds the office of the Founder and CEO of Hollyn Growth Advisors. He has spent the majority of the past decade helping companies from small start-ups to mid-sized companies to large, global enterprises across nearly every industry manage and develop their most important asset- their people. Pierce has had the privilege of witnessing first-hand the positive impacts effective team engagement can have on the lives of those who fuel inspired organizations. As a leader, Pierce’s philosophy is defined by a desire to help and elevate others. His overall goal when leading is to teach and inspire people to be the very best versions of themselves. On a personal level, Pierce is a proud UCF alum and football fan. He also enjoys exercising, fishing, meditation, cooking, and trying new restaurants as hobbies. As far as what get’s him up in the morning, He’s madly in love with his 3-year-old daughter and wife of 5 years who both inspire him to try to be the best version of himself in everything he does.


Jeffrey S. Rain is the former Department Chair and assistant professor of the Master’s Degree Industrial/Organizational Psychology program at Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida (1990-1996). During his tenure, he taught undergraduate- and graduate-level courses encompassing HR Management, I/O Psychology, Compensation, and Evaluation, Statistics, and Measurement. With over thirty years of experience as a Human Resources/Industrial-Organizational independent consultant and practitioner, Dr. Rain’s vast experience includes, but is not limited to: Building collaboration among multi-disciplinary teams to overcome barriers of competition, distrust, and previous animosity. Effectively communicating findings and impact using plain language format. Leveraging data-driven decision-making to monitor and improve organizational effectiveness.


Now that we have our bearing, it’s time to implement. Hollyn Growth Advisors will be your advocate throughout the implementation process, removing a vast majority of the lift from your team during onboarding.