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About Atlas

Atlas enables innovative companies to compete in a global economy, believing that businesses should employ whomever they want, wherever the talent exists. As the largest Direct Employer of Record (EOR), Atlas is a technology platform that is supported by experts and delivers flexibility for companies to expand across borders, onboard talent, manage compliance, and pay their global workforce without the need for a local entity or multiple third-party providers. With entities in over 160 countries, Atlas brings localized experience and expertise into an enterprise-grade technology platform that supports thousands of companies and remote teams. The Atlas platform is uniquely designed to deliver end-to-end EOR solutions and empowered user experiences that provide self-service capabilities and real-time insights that lead to improved business outcomes. Learn More

Employer of Record

That’s it in a nutshell—you partner with us to employ the people you want to hire. It enables you to avoid the complexity of setting up as a legal entity in different countries. Meaning you can take your business to new markets quickly, with confidence, and free from employer liability. When we came up with the phrase “Employer of Record” to describe what we do, our competitors quickly adopted it. But we’re still the only company in the world that does it directly. As a direct EOR, we have entities on the ground in over 160 countries. So we do all the human capital management ourselves. An indirect EOR uses third parties from place to place, so can compromise quality control.
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Employer of Record?

You find the people you want to employ. Atlas hires, pays, and administers their benefits on your behalf. Removing the red tape of global talent expansion.

How Contractor Pay work?

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Atlas was built on years of experience navigating the challenges of quickly deploying and paying international employees while ensuring compliance to local regulations. We partner with you to make the world smaller and easier to navigate. Book Appointment